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Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

Hi All,
        I was wondering if anyone has used a button joint on a mini bear before?
I found a website:
It's like a thread joint only using a button as if it was a washer, using the buttons on the inside of the limbs. also they mention using safety eyes as joints.
If anyone has used these methods before were they successful? and what would be the largest bear size it would be suitable for??

daria_cher Minimishki
Posts: 36

Hi Sheree,

I've done button joints before, before I knew anything about cotter pins and washers  bear_tongue
The bears I made ranged from about 4" to 10" and the buttons worked quite well! I even used a button with a loop to sew into the bottom of the head on the 10" bear and use it as a sort-of wobble joint.
I guess you could go as large as the largest buttons you can find would permit you.
Unlike a thread joint, though, you cannot stuff and sew up all the limbs before you start to joint. I sewed the buttons on through the opening in the limbs, I don't know if anyone has any other methods? It was incredibly fiddly as I didin't have any strong thread and had to sew back and forth with normal thread, fearing it would break. So my advice is use strong thread! bear_tongue
Also for a nice design feature you could sew the buttons onto the outside of the arms and make them visible, match them in with the style of the bear. I think it always looks very cute bear_wub

Hope this helps!

karenaus Melbourne
Posts: 694

Ah Pink, your elephant looks adorable with the button joints! bear_wub

Fairybear Wagga Wagga
Posts: 346

I second that!! I love the little elli  bear_wub

Beth Anne Beth Anne Bears
New River, AZ
Posts: 73

Hi! Newbie here! I've never used button joints with the buttons inside, but I've done string jointing with buttons added over the joints. I like the look of buttons, but it seems to be an acquired taste.

tazlove Tracy's bears
Posts: 72

my first teddy bear i made was a button joint.
he was made out a old blanket and scraps 
gave it to a friend at the craft fair because she loved it so much.
she named him buttons.
now her boyfriend take it camping with him and send my picture of buttons from all around the uk bear_wub

Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,895

I think bears with button joints are darling. There are so many beautiful buttons out there that can add so much charm to the final outcome.

Urban Stitch Denver, CO
Posts: 14

Newbie here. I have recently used button joints on a 4 inch bear :-)


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