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HLB Woolly Bears
Devon - UK
Posts: 12

Hey bear community,

Im new to this forum, but have been having a look and a read for a wee while.  I have been needlefelting bears and animals for a while now, and i have been asked to make for someone else.

i noticed that a lot of you seem to have websites and adverts etc, do you make a business out of it, or is it just an on the side hobby?  Im currently working part time, so i have the time to sit and enjoy needle felting - although my OH would say im wasting my time, seeing im not selling...!

I wouldnt mind knowing if they are really wanted, or do you just litter your house with them - like i do?

I would love to hear your stories, just to get a feel for what you guys do, it would help give me some direction i guess

Many thanks xxx

Francesca KALEideaSCOPE
Posts: 1,306

Hello HLB. Welcome to TT!
You will find that in this world there is a great variety of situations and experiences. Some people do it as a full time job and can earn their living from it, some people do it exclusively as an hobby....and there are at least fifty shades of 'brown' in the middle (pardon the pun!).  bear_grin

I used to have a full time job, and I learned to make teddies as a hobby. When my children were born I had to find a part time job, and I was so busy that my teddy bear making had to wait in line....a long line! In 2010 my husband found a very good job opportunity in Switzerland (we are Italian), so we decided to move here, I left my part time job and became a 'Hausfrau' - Housewife. Now I have a little more time in my hands, as the children are growing and becoming more independent. So I went back to my teddys finally. To me, I always say, it is not a full time job, it is not a part time is a FULL TIME HOBBY! bear_original
I've been selling my creations since 2011. I don't make so many that it could really be a serious income source. I'm lucky enough that my husband can provide for the family. To me, creating little critters is still an hobby, but it gives me pleasure and satisfaction to know that somebody is willing to spend money to have them. And those money are freely and gladly spent to buy more materials. bear_happy This is where I stand now. Some people have asked me if I would like to turn it into a 'serious' job. Well, I'm not sure I would like to. Right now I can freely decide to use ten days to develop a new design, and not worry about 'losing' time and income. I wouldn't want that kind of pressure. But, as I said, I'm lucky enough that I don't need to (for now).

I think you should go for it. Selling is always great, not just because of the money. (My husband is happy that I sell because he's scared of having the house invaded by all those furry things! bear_original bear_original  )

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