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Irene Irenours-bears
Posts: 508

Hi to all  bear_original I exhibited on a christmas market in a city located 20 kms far from my home and sold 5 bears and 2 dolls bear_grin If you want to see wich ones (they are still on my website for a few days ), their names are:
I'm so happy also because i had so many compliments. There were laughts and smiles from every kind of people, young children or old. They were thrilled to know that both bears and dolls are hand made. Because i hate to lost my time by doing nothing, i brought bears to work with, and patterns, and pieces of mohair , so people sawed that i really sew them myself. I also explained the difference beetween artist bears and manufactures bears. One day, i've met an american who took  pictures of my work bear_grin  bear_grin it was very fun. i had good time to listen people comments. Oh, i also brought the Patti's book in wich i have a doll pictured and the original doll and use to say that a little bit of France is represented in the book bear_grin  bear_grin  bear_grin
In the beginning, i was so afraid to exhibit that i asked to my husband and one of my sons to always be with me, but finally, i choose to be alone in the big part of the time and sold all the stuffs unaid. Have all a nice day bear_wub

lapousmor Sophie Z'Ours
Sarthe, France
Posts: 2,770

Félicitations Irène!

Well done! I am proud of you!

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :hug:

Beary hugs,

Meri Bears (UK) West Sussex, England
Posts: 598

Brilliant news Irene

I'm thrilled for you and I can tell from your post that you are overjoyed. It's not surprising that you sold so well, the bears on your website are just adorable bear_wub

I hope you go on to sell many, many more in 2006

Joyeux Noel

Deb Upstate New York
Posts: 1,650

Congrats and big bear hug ...

bear_grin   :dance:

gotobedbears Posts: 3,177

bear_flower  Tres Bien my little french cupcake  bear_flower

Well Done Irene, i am sooo happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself eventually and that your lovely creations sold so well.
This is just the beginning Irene - soon you will be world famous for your dolls and bears just wait and see!  :dance:

You will be Teddy Talks French Celebrity Bear Artist  bear_grin

Joyeux Noel from Penny  bear_wub

Shari Nova Scotia,Canada
Posts: 1,712

Wonderful news ,Irene but of course you did well!! bear_wub   bear_wub  :hug:   :hug:  Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Tammy Beckoning Bears
Nova Scotia
Posts: 3,739

Bravo Irene.  What exciting news.  You must be so happy.  a084.gif

Irene Irenours-bears
Posts: 508

KIF_2280-red.jpgKIF_2286-red.jpgKIF_2347-red.jpgKIF_2348-red.jpgKIF_2349-red.jpgYou are all so adorable :redface:  really!!! I wich the same things to all the bearsmakers bear_wub  bear_wub . Here are some samples photos of my schow table and 2 photos of the kind of dolls that i sold

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,739

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Wow, Irene . . . I am thrilled with your success at the show, mon amie (or is it ami?).  Your table is fantastic and I truly admire your bears and dolls!  Outstanding work!  :clap:   :clap:   :clap:  I make raggedy dolls similar to the dolls you sold . . . such fun and I love the country/primitive look of yours!  Bravo!

Jo-Ann G Budd Bears Boutique
BC, Canada
Posts: 241

Congratulations Irene!  Wonderful Teddies and Dolls.  Your show table is lovely.

Carolyn Green Draffin Bears
Auckland New Zealand
Posts: 5,354

I am so happy for you Irene - big congratulations.
I am not surprised that you did well as you table looked lovely with your beautiful Bears and Dolls.
Well done.


I Love Teddies South Florida
Posts: 1,684

Je suis heureuse que les gens ont aime les ours!  (It's supposed to say this: I am happy that people like the bears)  My French is getting rusty although I minored in it as an undergrad.  Your stands looked great.  J'espere que tu vas vendre beacoup d'ours en 2006 (I hope that you are going to sell a lot of bears in 2006).   a035.gif

plushkinbear BEAR ME SHOOTKA
Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Posts: 2,139

Irene, I'm so happy for you and your liyyle darlings. Your bears and dolls are soo sweet!  bear_wub  bear_wub

Great present for Christmas!  :hug:

psichick78 Flying Fur Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,073

Irene, I just LOVE your bears. Seeing them all together just makes me want one.
Congrats on selling your bears. It's soo nice to get that kind of feedback.

doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

Fantastic news Irene. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing with us. I can see why everyone liked your dolls and cute!

Jane  bear_flower

jazzyrags Jazzy Rags
Posts: 1,494

Irene congratulations your work is fabulous . i can see you all so love cloth dolls i had a look at your site and it is great , I all so have cloth dolls on my site made by my sister have a look.your bears are adorable . I am so happy for you .

Marie_ Kiprie Bears
Yokohama, Japan
Posts: 2,735

Wow Irène !!!!! what a adorable bears and cute dolls !!!!
Congratulations  for  your success at the show !  :clap:   bear_laugh  :clap:  bear_laugh  :clap:  bear_laugh 

Bears Hugs/Marie

Irene Irenours-bears
Posts: 508

You are all so sweet  :redface: Sue Anne, please can you show your dolls? he he he ,i love too much to look everybody's  work. Marie, i biden for your sweet pair of bears, but didn't won( also because i didn't pay caution enought). Fran, i've already took a look at your work and really love your beautifull dresses. I'm sure that i will by from you. Jane, i'm happy for your daughter. Thanks dear heater.Julia, congratulations for your sold bear. Oh Chrissie, your french is really really good. Do you have someone there with wich you can practice? Big bears hugs to all of you bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

Wisdom Bears Wisdom Bears
Ayrshire, Scotland.
Posts: 951

Hi Irene, What can I say that has not already been said. Your Bears and Dolls are just beautiful and I hope this is just the start for you.  Have a great Xmas and an even better 2006.

    Cheers Rita xxxx

nettie scotland
Posts: 2,160

You probably brightened up their day and gave them them the chance to buy very special bears and dolls for Christmas.I bet you have a sore face with all the smiling.Well done ,it's nice to hear happy news!!!!

Sandi.S. Posts: 1,277

Congratulations, Irene! Your bears and dolls are wonderful! I'm so glad you were so successful and had such a good time!

Gatehouse Bears Gatehouse Gallery
Lockwood, Victoria, Australia
Posts: 227

Congratulations, its wonderful when people like your work, its such a buzz, like when people praise your children bear_grin  bear_grin  bear_grin

Irene Irenours-bears
Posts: 508

Thank you very much bear_original  All your kind words are like gifts for me bear_wub

rufnut Rufnut Teddy's
Victoria Australia
Posts: 2,725

Well done Irene.  :clap:

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

I'm just now reading this post.
Big Congratulations!  :hug:   :hug:   :hug:

What a wonderful feeling to have so much success!!!! I can see why. Your bears are lovely and those dolls are fantastic!

Best wishes for continued success in 2006!



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