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Rin Sakura Bears
West Yorkshire
Posts: 70

Hi everyone,

I looked under shading in the library and couldn't find anything on where to shade them.  I've never shaded before but got loads of great help from everyone on here about what to use and have got some markers.  They are called Tinge and can be bought from The Works in the UK if anyone is interested as they are really good and are 99p each instead of the £5.00 + each of Copic markers.

The problem I'm having is that I'm unsure of what areas to shade on my bear.  I have looked at bears on here for inspiration and they have beautifully shaded paw pads, faces and ears.  I'm just so scared of messing up.  How exactly do you know what areas to shade and what line strokes will look nice?

Francesca KALEideaSCOPE
Posts: 1,306

That is a good question!
I think there is no rule about shading, and as you try you understands what works best for you. I was also very careful with shading at the beginning, as it is impossible to go back once you have done it....This is why I like using oil paint, or pastels, because you build your colour very slowly, and can control what you are doing.
Where to shade them? Well, it depends on the effect you want. Shading give depth. If you shade around the eyes, they will have more depth, and also you can give the eyes different expressions depending on where you do your shading. On paw pads shading can really give interesting effects. Again, it is a matter of preference.
In my case, shading has become more like painting, in the sense that it is not simply a way to enhance some details, but a means to give a face to a blank needle felted animal. If you are interested to see some of my WIP, with before and after the shading, please feel free to visit my blog. You might find something that tickles your creativity! I have added some links below that show some critters heads before and after make-up! … orial.html … d-wip.html … 20PROGRESS

Rin Sakura Bears
West Yorkshire
Posts: 70

Thank you so much Francesca it was really helpful to see the before and after pictures.  You really can see the difference the shading makes in adding more character to the bear.

I will take your advice of adding a small amount of colour at a time and building it up gradually.

I appreciate the advice.

Infinite hugs


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