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ThomasAdam Thomas Adam
Posts: 310

Hi all,

I know that Becky has already showcased this teddy bear, but I wanted to formally show him in his new home (we're not sure if he's in situ yet).  My girlfriend decided as soon as she opened the box (and before taking him out of his plastic/protective wrapping) to call him 'Oscar' since he "looks like an Oscar", and I think the name does suit him.  Usually I like to defer the naming of teddy to Becky, but on this occasion the decision was left to me.

As with all of the bears (commissioned or otherwise) I've adopted from Becky, she's always gone above and beyond just sending a teddy bear.  Whether that's via additional thought to extras (like bow-ties or cardigans, etc), or to reasons for choosing a certain type of mohair, there's always been a rationale behind it, and it's fascinating as a collector to understand the thought behind it.  As was the case with Oscar, Becky really did her research, and has documented all of the decisions taken which lead to how Oscar looks the way he does.  That's amazing from my point of view, and all of this information goes inside a folder I have.  I keep it, so as to remind me in the future about how much effort has gone into the bears.

The picture of Oscar do not do him justice.  In the fur, he's even better.  Like the original mourning bear, he carries himself with slight melancholy, and to that end, there's been a great deal of effort put into the ageing of his paw pads (via natural dyes), as well as slightly around his nose.  It's those little details which fascinate me, and make a commissioned teddy bear even more enjoyable to see.  Not to mention, it took Becky and I a good few weeks to decide on the type of fur to use.  That was a lot of fun!

So we're very proud owners.  He's currently sitting on our milking stool in the lounge, facing the sofa.  Becky, thank you so very much indeed for this bear.  I know how much effort you've gone to making him, and it shows.  This is something you really care about deeply, and considering this is something you do in your spare time, the amount of effort to detail often outweighs the duty in some cases, so thank you once again!

Should anyone here be in some doubt---or does not know what to expect from commissioning a teddy bear, I'd recommend Becky a thousand times over.  The rapport and understanding from what's wanted is almost ESP-like, and the end result is always over and above what you might expect.

Thomas Adam


dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Thomas, Oscar is the perfect name for him! You're very kind (especially in leaving out how long this bear took me to make), and I agree - It's wonderful to share a love for bears with other like-minded people, and you and I do have a remarkable bear ESP  bear_happy I'm not able to make a lot of bears these days, but your feeling for this bear is exactly what makes it worthwhile when I do make one! May the three of you look forward to many, many happy years together.  bear_flower


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