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NancyAndFriends Posts: 1,153

I picked up my 'Toby' pictures from Walmart today.  The size was perfect, thanks to Shelli.  :dance:
Now, the bad news is that I sent them to walmart on-line.  They ALSO do the Inteli-Imaging and it is applied to the developing  automatically, UNLESS you indicate on-line that you do not want it.  I never saw that option.
The two full size photos turned out just great.  The close up, however showed things that you couldn't  even see with the naked showed EXTREME detail.  so I think I am going to work on that.

Anyway, the clerk did a re-make on the photos removing the Inteli-Imaging.  She said you have to tell Walmart that you do not want it...otherwise they develope all photos utilizing this process and it applies too much 'contrast' to your photos.

This is something that Shelli talked about in another chat, concerning photo developing at Walgreens.

It is a good thing I have time to get these photos done for the is going to take me a while, I am sure!


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