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Girmew North Carolina
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Hello!! I lost my teddy when I was around five (31 now) in a rushing river. I have thought about him quite often and recently learned my older brother had been trying to find one like him, but not much came of it. So I figured since the internet is a wonderful place and I've had some good luck with finding replacements of other bears and such I would do some digging myself. From what I can remember he was white, very soft, button eyes (I don't think these were his original eyes at all), and a sewn on nose and mouth. The thing that sticks out the most for me was he had a very small tail on his butt that moved around some and a silky tag. From what my mom has told me she got the bear from a friend who had it as a child (this should be roughly 50-60's or so if it was bought new). He wasn't jointed, so no movable arms or legs.

So here's what I've come to roughly, I'm thinking he might have been a Knickerbocker bear. I searched some and they seem to be the most like him from that time period. I just haven't really been able to find anything on the company (mainly so I could contact someone to see if they had some kind of archive).

Edit: I spoke with my mom and she said the pictures I added didn't look like him. She also informed me that he could have been older than the 50's. He was also more than likely filled with sawdust, had boxed like feet, and was made with more of a fake fur type material (not mohair). She did confirm the tail though.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

theteddybearshelter Posts: 3

Good luck, we hope you find a replacement. You are welcome to post your search on our fb page.

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