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Boz's Bears Tedwina & Friends
Posts: 22

I did my first show this weekend (craft fair, not specialist bear show) - teamed up with a friend who paints furniture & upcycles stuff, and we won best in show. So pleased!  This is the first time I've ever sold (or shown!) my bears to the public - I managed to sell 9. Still got 20 to get rid of (some better than others! I can see the bears getting better as I churned them out in readiness!).  The local craft buying public seemed to really take to them - but it'd be great to get some bear lover feedback on them too!  They're all on facebook at if you want to pop over and see...

(I did upload photos with this, but it didn't quite work bear_sad )

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Congratulations on your first show! It was a brilliant partnership, I'd say, since the vintage furnishings go so well with the traditional teddies.
You had a nice range of colors and fabrics, and I quite like Hepburn in lavendar. The tweedy foot pads work nicely on some of them.
It looks as if you need to practice sewing rounded shapes such as ears, but overall, I can see why your teddies were appealing to people!


student bearmaker Northern Ireland
Posts: 283

Well done,you did so well for your first show.The display looks great and the vintage theme is really lovely.Beautiful fabrics and very cute bears,not surprised you found new homes for so many  bear_wub .

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