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Cosette Lai Posts: 19

Hi. He is Ulmo. It's very hard tohave a nice embroidered nose. Please help to comment what I should improve on making bear. Do you think it is sellable?

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,019

I like Ulmo as well, and I agree - those embroidered noses are difficult! They take a lot of practice.

I don't think we can answer whether the bear is sellable or not. (He looks like a nice bear for a child, but did you use plastic safety joints and other features that make him safe for children?) There are many factors, but if someone wants to buy him, he's probably sellable.   bear_original


Cosette Lai Posts: 19

Thanks! Becky,

I used thread to attach arms & legs to the body instead of joints. Therefore, he is thin as I need to hold the thread tight while attaching them together. His eyes are plastic. Therefore, he is safe for children.
How can I make a bear in a more artistic like? I love the artistic bear.
I think I need to practice more on nose. Hope I can make a perfect nose in future.


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