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NancyAndFriends Posts: 1,153

I really think that when we buy any kind of art, our emotions are truly the critics. 
I like oil paintings that take me to a place...something serene, where I can dwell in that setting.

I like to care for people and I tend to lean towards bears that look like they need help or some know pitiful or innocent.  I probably would never buy a bear in leathers on a Harley even if it was excellent emotions would just not respond.

We have talked before about the color of bears and all agreed that white seems to sell very well.  I wonder why?

I took a class one time (many, many years ago) called 'Dressing for Success'.  Color was the main topic.  Even a commercial business, carefully picks the colors they use for paint.

Restaurants ( especially fast food)  typically will use reds, oranges, bright make you eat and leave in a hurry, so other patrons can sit down.  Different music is played in the morning than is played in the afternoon because of our mood swings.

Banks are typically blue and green...denotes trust, security.  The list goes on and on.
One study was done on women going door to door collecting for the cancer society.  Those who wore pink, collected three times as much money as their counterparts wearing other colors.

So what is your achilles heel?  What emotion runs you and what do you collect because of it?

What type of bear do you think attracks more people?  Is it the workmanship of that bear or is it what it does to you emotionally?


Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

I have a huge collection of 'pots on legs', and the first one came from a childhood friend. It was given to me as a birthday present when I was about 10, and I rediscovered it as an adult. Then I got hooked on collecting them....because they remind of my friend, the fun we had together as children and just my childhood in general. Yes, I buy them mainly for the feelings they evoke  bear_original .

BTW 'pots on legs' are actually Carltonware Walking Ware, that's just my silly name for them  bear_grin  - you can find them on eBay, although I tend not to buy them over the internet.

White bears? Makes me think of innocence and mystery. Darker bears tend to me more realistic, or brooding don't you think? I'm drawn to bears with a 'cute' expression and large eyes. I also like the more traditional bears. I found the thread 'do your bears look like you?' interesting, because there was often a resemblance between maker and bear. Perhaps that's to do with the people we see around us, who will often be family and therefore not unlike ourselves? Not suggesting for a minute that I'm 'cute'  bear_laugh , but I do have a young daughter so maybe the attraction to cute, childlike bears stems from there?

As for colour, I totally agree that it has a strong effect on emotion and the way we see ourselves and others. I'm determined to introduce some colour into my own wardrobe - I'm sure it would brighten my moods! I went clothes shopping with this in mind just recently and was disappointed to find mostly greys, browns, and dark colours on the rails  bear_sad . Retailers must think we all want to dress in drab colours at this time of year!

kathytaylor Ruby Mountain Bears
Northern Nevada, USA
Posts: 1,467

I do believe emotion is what drives alot of our likes and dislikes. As for art we all know that beauty is subject to the beholder. What each person sees as beautiful varies so greatly with our own personal tastes, preferences, weaknesses, and strengths.
For me personally, I find myself buying the same color of Mohair. I'll be shopping and go OOH in't that a beautiful color and get it, then realize I have that exact color!!!
I am drawn to Sad looking bears. I don't seem to make sad looking bears, I enjoy making the happy laughing bears. Still the bears that have pleased me the most have been the bears that End up looking sad.


Laura Lynn Teddy Bear Academy
Nicholasville, KY
Posts: 3,653

Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Very interesting subject! 

Yes, bear collecting for me IS emotional.  I buy bears because they make me feel good.  I have all kinds of bears.... cute bears, funny bears, traditional bears. 

Most of them are in traditional bear colors.  That's how I started.  Then I went to a spring show and one of my favorite local artists had some pandas in spring colors.  I really liked them!  So now... although most of my bears are traditional bear colors.... I sprinkle some other colors in there too.  I own one white bear. bear_original

The face of a bear has to "speak" to me.  I think we've talked about this before.   I love seeing bears in person at shows etc.... but since it is the face that mostly determines if I adopt it or not... I love surfin' the net for bears too (when the wallet allows LOL!)  Workmanship is important too of course, but if that face speaks to me, I'm willing to take a chance on internet adoptions bear_original

clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066

I have to agree with Laura, it's all in the face for me too.   I like bears which have the traditional look best, as I love all things vintage and antique, in fact I'm sure I was born in the wrong era!!     bear_wacko   That's not to say I don't like contemporary though because I do, and I enjoy creating contemporary too, but I just love the whole 'Olde Worlde Ambience'.   If I was to chose it would be traditional, I connect to that more.

I sometimes find it hard when the bears I love don't sell or fetch much, and the bears which aren't my particular taste go really well.....strange, but if we all liked the same thing life would be so boring!!

A new bear to me makes me feel good and happy and warm inside  bear_cry  bear_original

Dilu Posts: 8,574

Excellant question Nancy- We should get it back up to the top.  It goes hand in hand with another current  topic.

And I think you are right......But what emotions are behind our choices of bears?

I fell in love with Terris little Jeremy because he was saying; "I didn't do it honest!" I fell in love with Judy's little Cozy because he was looking like he wanted to get picked up and held. 
That baby thing.

My husband gave me a bear he found on the internet because he thought she was  interesting was truly an OOAK, and because the creator/artist didn't use a pattern, she just drew everything out on the mohair.  He was thinking of the value of a bear like this. (Engineers don't retire, they obsess over the value of a Teddypresent.) I on the other hand went gaga for her because she has lace and a pinafore and beautiful face and......well I think she is elegant

JazzyFran's sister makes beautiful Aftican Queens.  I love them, and am hoping for my birthday.....They are unique and lovely and somehow they convey complexity and simplicity at the same time. 

What emotion is it that does cause us to gravitate to one or another bear.....Kimmy sent me her darling Macintosh bear....I love him, he simply is lucious and the perfect color of a Mac apple....uh the kind we eat.  But what emotion is it?  Besides I like to eat apples? bear_grin 

So is this something elusive that we  can't really quantify?

I simply don't know


Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

I was at an antique shop on Monday.... a big, huge one. And while wandering around, starting to get a little glassy eyed I spotted a handmade bear on the floor under some one's booth with some pots and old ratty baskets. The poor thing looked so unloved and just tossed aside that I HAD to have him!! He's not old and really isn't that attractive in any way. He's made of a craft store synthetic. But I just felt so bad for him!!!! So if I had to put an emotion to that purchase I guess it would be PITY!!

When buying an artist bear the face has to get me first and foremost. If I don't feel a tug at the ol' heart when I look into his eyes then it's not the bear for me! But I do consider WHO made it, the quality of the workmanship, etc. as artist bears are expensive and truly are an investment.

Bonnie Mountain Dreamer Bears
wooly woods of Missouri, USA
Posts: 1,538

Interesting subject!!
My answer is: Absolutely.
For me, that is the whole purpose of art: to make someone feel something.
We used to visit a local public art gallery and got to see a wide variety of art, most by contemporary artists, some reproductions of the old masters.  The pieces I always liked the best were the ones that evoked an emotional response.  Some art pieces I might admire or even be in awe of due to their technical perfection, but if they didn't make me feel something I no desire whatsoever to own them.
As far as bears go, the ones I find myself really wishing I could buy are the ones that make me smile or give me that "aaawww, how cute is that" feeling. I think that mostly comes from their expression. a lot of people seem to be drawn to sad, wistful looking bears. Nurturing instinct? I tend to like happy, silly bears. They make me feel happy too. hmmm....
Great topic Nancy and one that deserves a lot of thought!


Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Great topic!

Can you imagine walking into an orange bank?  Or shopping in a grocery store with black floors?  yuck!

I agree with all of you.  Buying bears is emotionally driven.  I love bears that remind me of babies or children and ones that need love the most.

Now...when  MAN buys a bear from me I have noticed he goes for the realistic looking bruins.  How about the rest of you?

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