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Debra Bear Posts: 3

I’ve not a teddy bear maker but need to make a particular style of teddy bear rucksack to replicate one I had snatched from me by a man as he waved at children from the train we were on in Tanzania. I am clueless about how to form his shape.

Any support would be appreciated but if someone could advise me about getting a pattern made for me to use, then that is what I really need.

The teddy I had snatched was around 16 -19CMs in height (gauging by a bear of similar size). He is similar size to Build-a-bear bears as the clothes fir his as though bespoke.

His muzzle protruded quite a bit but wasn’t separate (or at least not as far I could make out).
He had deep looking eyes with large pupils.
He had a side zip.

I have searched for patterns for his face shape and cannot find any that are not separate muzzle patterns.
Any support would be appreciated but what I could really do with is someone that can design me a pattern, or, I cannot follow it successfully, make me a bear and send me the pattern to make me another one.

I realise that there will likely be a cost involved but as I’m currently on benefits whilst trying to start my own business life-coaching people with Asperger’s Syndrome, I can afford only a small amount.

I would like to learn this craft, as having Asperger's Syndrome myself, I find it hard to be employed, deal with people, and I need to work for myself from home.

Please see images of said bear.

Profile of head

Sitting naked

Taking a much needed bath after his travels!


Profile standing (straps edited out in photo)

Debra Bear Posts: 3


I see I have had over 200 views and no replies. I am wondering if any of you have read my message and can make me a pattern or the teddy bear but have not contacted me as you have assumed someone else has since done this for me?

I am still seeking a pattern and my attempts to try myself have told me that I need someone to make the teddy bear for me.

I am hoping for quotes

Best wishes

JulieK Suffolk
Posts: 28

I have not been around on the forum for a while.

I am so sorry someone snatched your beloved bear, he certainly looked well loved. I am currently under diagnosis for Asperger's and I am enjoying making bears (I am just a beginner).

He does look like his muzzle is one piece. Did he have jointed legs or were they all one piece with his body? Its hard to tell from the photos. It looks like your backpack handles have been attached separately. There is a book called Teddy Bear Studio by Ted Menten might be useful for learning about the way patterns are put together. It does tell you how to adjust them so that might be a way to go to find something that makes up similar and tweak it. I am planning to have a go at some of my own but using a upholstery fabric (non-stretch) to practice with as it is much cheaper than the fur fabric.

It's worth keeping in mind a full freshly stuffed bear will look differently in shape, if you want the well cuddled look you may want to consider understuffing him but I am not a sure how this would affect jointed limbs You can also shave patches of fur to create the bald looking areas if you wanted the feel of an aged bear.

I hope you get some luck with someone being able to create a pattern. I will have a quick look through some of my books to see if there is anything vaguely similar that can be adapted.


JulieK Suffolk
Posts: 28

I have PMed you with some good? news


asthehind Posts: 16

Hello! I remember meeting you and your bear at Hugglets in Kensington some years ago. I'm so sorry to hear he was stolen, you clearly loved him so much. I hope you have success in making a new one like him. <3

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