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jkstein Posts: 2

Today quite a few of the bear patterns have the leg and arm as one piece and the body as two pieces. I would think you would get better limbs if they we're sewn in two pieces ( meaning the arm would have two pieces plus the paw not one piece folded and sewn) and the body in the 4 pieces instead of the two piece body. How we're the old time teddy bear pieces designed? Is the reasoning behind the one piece limbs due to trying to save on fabric? Do any of you know how Steiff made their vintage bears?

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Hi jkstein,
In my view, the one-piece arms and legs use more fabric when you lay them out and cut them, but I suppose some people appreciate a little less cutting and sewing. They also don’t work for me since the opening for one-piece limbs needs to be on the inside (top side) of the arm or leg or at the very top (e.g. at the shoulder). I prefer to have the opening behind the limb, but the great thing about different designs is that they offer people options.
I’ll go out on a fairly sturdy limb and say that Steiff used two-piece arms and legs, if only for the fact that they’re more fabric-efficient.

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