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AJAY Co. Durham
Posts: 4

Which way do folk find it best to pack steel shot into small/tiny teds?

I like the feel that added weight gives to teds and have read what I can find on the topic. On the whole the suggestion seems to be to make up a small fabric bag, fill it as required, and pop it in the bears tummy. My problem arises with small bears, say around 4 inch or under, as a bag popped in either gets tangled up with the leg joints or leaves a  bit of a lumpy feel. I've tried padding around with poly stuffing. On my last effort I resorted to doing without any container and just filling the bears lower tum directly. This produced a nice result but was a bit tricky when it came to closing the seam without losing any filling. I'm using 1mm shot which I find gives a good feel.

Any advice for a newby much appreciated.

jillanne UX'BEARies
Posts: 81

I use a small amount of steel shot with every bear as I want them to have good posture and 'sit up straight'!
I put a small amount of polyester stuffing in the bear and then add steel shot and then more polyester stuffing.
I have never use the small bag.
Usually no problem with closing the seams (however, the odd piece of steel shot might try and escape!
Hope this helps.

Laura Lynn Teddy Bear Academy
Nicholasville, KY
Posts: 3,653

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I also use steel shot in my bears, from 3" bears up to 16" bears.  I don't use a pouch as I can distribute it better when it is loose.  My stitches are nice and tight so it does not leak out.  (I may loose some AS I'm closing a seam, but not after that seam is closed!

It is important to use either zinc coated or stainless steel shot to prevent discoloring.

CrawlyCreepies Posts: 89

I use a tiny funnel to pour the shot in. It's not a perfect solution, but the most reliable I've found.

(Sorry this is such a late reply, I hope you're still around AJAY)

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