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Flingochic Posts: 1


I have got a pattern to make my first teddy bear and have a couple of questions I wondered if anyone  could help me with? I am wanting to make a bear for my sisters new baby, it needs to be Winnie the pooh coloured, the classic bear, not disney. (My sister has always been a big fan) The pattern asks for Schultze Viscose, what colour would you recommend and where should I be looking to buy it? I’ve been drawing a blank! Baby is due very soon and I’m no closer to finding it!
Many thanks in advance

BerLynne Ontario -GTA
Posts: 51

What about one of these?



Or if your looking for an already well loved look you'll have more colour range from the other types of viscose, such as the curly, matted or the blends...

Honey tan

The one I think looks the most whinny-ish would be this matter curly viscose. I personally don't know what the texture is like since I use mostly synthetics, but the colour looks close


dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Great suggestions, BerLynne! Just for fun and for reference, here is the original silly old bear (and friends).

BerLynne Ontario -GTA
Posts: 51

What a lovely picture! My family were knitters, so my grandmother had knitted a fantastic Kanga and Roo for me when I was a little girl.

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