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SandyB Sherwood Park, Alberta
Posts: 2

Hi.  I am new to this forum. so I apologize if I have made any errors in my posting.  I believe I have happened upon a very large Aetna bear from a chance kijiji ad.  I identified him by his feet, and then everything else matches.  He was handed down within one family and then the owner was in hospice, and gave him to his friend to rehome.  My questions are; firstly that his eyes are not present and he has felt eyes that may have been a mothers replacement.  I know that he should have amber glass, but what size would be appropriate for a 28" bear?  What fur he has is a light blond, so would the lighter amber be best?  Lastly his nose may have had some work done on it also.  I am assuming that if I can tell for sure if something is more recent it should be removed?  Then I imagine that it is best to leave whatever is there of his nose as is?  He has all of his claws on his feet with some wear on them, but little remains of his hand claws.  His pads were replaced at some time with black cotton, so I was going to replace those with cream felt.  His cardboard inserts are still in really good condition!
Sorry for running on.  I hope someone out there can give me some advice to help this bear out.  Thanks

This is as found in a 1920's -30's sunsuit by Vanta

EJ Netcong, New Jersey
Posts: 1,595

Nice bear!

really, as far as repairs eyes, it's whatever you prefer.   I recently bought an old white Knickerbocker and put large blue glass eyes on him, and he looks fantastic!   The same thing with the nose really.   I've taken out noses and restitched them and they look great, or I've left them as well.  To each his own really!

SandyB Sherwood Park, Alberta
Posts: 2

Thank you, that makes me feel better about his restoration!  I've ordered 14mm light amber glass that I hope will improve his whole look.  I have his pads recovered in a cream felt and stitched his ears so they are on there for good.  I am going to do a non cosmetic reinforcement under his neck area , because the large disc and settled fill lhave rubbed that area thin.  I am very excited about him, and I will post his cleaned and happy bear pics.
Thanks  Sandy

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