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craftymama Posts: 1

Hello hello
I am so excited to be writing in here. Im still relatively new to teddy making. But already hooked.

I have been making teddies and recently Ive been adding foot pads but im noticing them tearing at the seams. I have tried using fur and also some with felt but they are tearing and showing stitches to the point its not very cute. Is there a certain type of fabric i can use? Or is it my stitching? Ive been hand stitching the foot pads to the legs as they are so small.

Also Ive noticed my fabric tearing at the seams in other places. Should i be adding some sort of interfacing to my fur fabrics so it doesn't pull away leaving holes when I stuff them?

Thanks so much!

CrawlyCreepies Posts: 89

Welcome to the forum! Sorry it's a bit slow around here.

General methods to avoid tearing seams are to use a shorted stitch length, backstitch instead of straight stitch, and apply fray check to the edges of the pieces.

Pulling at the seams is an unfortunate reality of working with felt (the main reason I personally don't use it). What type of faux fur are you using? What kind of backing does it have? How big are your bears?

JulieK Suffolk
Posts: 28

In addition to the above it might also be worth increasing your seam allowance a little. On cotton pads I use and iron cotton interfacing for that bit extra strength.

I use a machine on most of mine now but when I hand sew I use a tiny backstitch - think about sizing it to a small stitch on a machine kind of size and I pull the thread taught, if your stitches are small then it shouldn't pucker your fabric too much


Mo Beary Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,536

Additional to what was said already make sure your stitches are straight.  If a stitch is outside the 'Line' it could also show when you turn and stuff.

Tigger44 Posts: 1

Hi I don;t know if this will be any help, but I use Ultrasuede Standard for feet pads.

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