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redbearminiatures Posts: 4

Hello all!

I'm new to the hobby and have had such a difficult time finding long pile (4mm plus) non-fray fabrics! I've been making a lot of tiny bears from vintage rayon velvet and the wonderful sassy bear material, but keep seeing pictures of mini bears that seem to be made from a long-pile plush upholstery fabric. I'm also interested in finding some "cashmere" upholstery fabric, which also seems to be perfect for mini bears! Anyone know where I could find both long-pile plush upholstery fabric and cashmere in the US?

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be immensely grateful! bear_original

CrawlyCreepies Posts: 89

Always happy to see another mini maker! It's a painful road we walk, trying to find suitable fabrics for mini plushies. I haven't had much success finding long pile upholstery plush either, so I hope somebody else can chime in. 

Mohair Bear Making Supply's faux cashmere is wonderful, so I just endure the overseas shipping cost. … x-cashmere
(A word of caution, the colors on the website photos are quite inaccurate). It's only got a 1mm pile, but it's so dense you can barely see the backing at all. It can also be dyed with Rit Dyemore (but you gotta be careful not to damage the pile)

Edinburgh Imports' miniature fabric also has the right backing, but I don't like the pile quiiite as much. … ath=11_405

redbearminiatures Posts: 4

Thanks for your reply! bear_original Activity on this forum seems to have decreased in the past ten years or so (?), so I'm glad to have received a response so quickly!

What kinds of minis are you working on? I've adored mini bears since I was very little, but have just started making 3-1 inch bears in the past month or so (and I can't seem to stop!).

The faux cashmere you mention is actually available from a US seller! (I only found out once I contacted the manufacturer directly, but there you go) The owner of the shop is lovely, too - if there's any issues with payment just send her an email and she'll get it sorted: She ships priority mail, I believe, so shipping is still higher than USPS first class, but I can imagine still cheaper than ordering overseas. I recently ordered some of the similar stuff from Edinburgh imports - and you're right, the texture is definitely different!

I'm tempted to make my way into an upholstery shop eventually and look for some longer-pile velvets, but can imagine it's difficult finding things with the proper backing (and no tendency to fray, etc).

(As for dyes, I've been thinking of experimenting with jacquard acid dyes, but I'm glad to know there's stuff that works for synthetics, too)

PS: Did some snoopin' on your post history and realized we are in the same age range! bear_original

CrawlyCreepies Posts: 89

Yeah this is a very, very slow forum nowadays.

I've been developing a modular mini monster pattern, for mix n match critters like manticores and chimeras. Where'd you get your start making minis?

Oh thank you that's a good tip!

Oof, I've spent years snooping around upholstery shops trying to find "the good stuff" with that woven backing, without much success. If you ever strike gold let me know! Crate and Barrel's tragically discontinued Valencia fabric had the right backing, tipped pile, and a range of colors :'(  I don't know if they've got anything suitable these days.

I've used Jacquard Acid dye on that velvet a few times, but eventually switched over to Rit Dyemore because liquid is less of a mess and easier to measure than powder.

Oh wow! We should chat over PMs or something

Netty Wassenaar
Posts: 30

I know this post is a little bit older, but always worth a shot.
I used to order brilliant mini bear fabrics from sassy bears and fabrics. But I can now only seem to find her on E-bay (username sassybears). All I can remember was her name was Stephanie.
I'm picking up my hobby again after 7 years, so glad this site is still working.
Hope that helps you a bit.


redbearminiatures Posts: 4

Glad to see another notification on this post - it gives me hope that this site is still active! bear_original I've bought some fabrics from Stephanie and they are always wonderful. Thanks for your note & I hope to see pictures of your bears!

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