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Brynhildr Posts: 3

HI.  I have been reading that acrylics and copic markers are a good way to shade fabric but I was wondering if I could use watercolours? I cant afford to buy markers or acrylics paint currently and water colours are all I have at hand. I have a teddy bear pattern that instructs to tea bags to stain the bear but I'm not sure how I feel about that as I need more control over the colour.

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
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SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Yes, I believe most Teddy artists shade with paint/markers that will be permanent.  You really don't have to buy a whole set of paints to do the shading.  Prismacolor markers and some other brands can be purchased individually.  I usually used a dark gray and a blender marker to shade my bears.  The blender is perfect for blending the gray from dark to light.  Stores that sell art supplies will most likely have individual colors for sale.  As far as staining with tea, just brew some tea in a pan, take out the bags, then soak your bear fabric in the tea until it is the color you want.  You should be able to get a nice uniformly dyed color.

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