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Sybylla Posts: 1

Hi All,  have been looking for guidance with bear making and FINALLY Tonight some other weird algorithm internet thing happened and Up Came This Site!!  I have to make my 30 yr old daughter a replacement bear, her baby 1 yr old bear was destroyed (along with nearly all her belongings) by a partner having a mental breakdown. She had one arm of the childhood bear so she wants me to ‘Frankenstein’ a new bear to include the remaining arm. I have No idea where that bear pattern went after 30 years and that is another problem, selecting or finding another pattern, Furry Bear was a Steiff style Pattern, Any recommendations for a good pattern shop?  She has chosen some Schulte mohair fabric I have to order But how much mohair fabric will I need for 12-14 inch bear?  How wide are these mohair fabrics? She has listed a “antique curled 23mm gold mohair-47”. Looks similar to Furry Bear (bear’s name). Will the 23mm length require any particular tricks to get a good finish? Is Mohair Bear Making Supplies a good, reliable online shop? And what are the better joints to order? Thanking  I advance for advice. Cheers

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