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LisaAP Arcas designs
Posts: 941

Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to my latest custom order creation, her name is Slo-Mo and she is a brown-throated sloth.  She is lifesized and likes to hang around upside down on her very own branch just like her relatives in the wild do. She even has green tinged fur like her algae covered cousins.

Mo was quite a challenge and I had many a sleepless night worrying that her new Mum would find her de-clawed and in a heap at the base of her branch one day, eek!  So I gave her strong wire armature and Apoxie Sculpt (this stuff is strong) claws to prevent that from happening, fingers crossed, lol.

I hope you like her.



There are lots more shots of her on my website if you'd like to see more.  I will miss her a lot when she's gone, sloths are such amazing creatures. I'm sure that Chloe agrees wholeheartedly.  bear_happy



Kimblebee KimbleBee Bears
Posts: 58

Usually sloths scare the living poop out of me, but he is rather cute..

I could almost learn to like them  bear_grin

Francesca KALEideaSCOPE
Posts: 1,306

Lisa, you did a beauty, as always!  bear_wub  bear_wub

Christina Posts: 978

She is wonderful!  bear_wub

Janesjollybears JanesJollyBears
Posts: 511

Gorgeous!!!! You absolutely captured that sweet sloth face !!! So realistic!!!! I love him!!! bear_wub

customteddys Custom Teddys
Juneau, Alaska
Posts: 1,550
jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

Lisa you are one of the most innovative artists I have ever seen. You use such skill and observation to create these characters who have personality and realism with enough creativity to make them works of art. I say this about so few people nowadays because sadly many seem to stick to very well worn designs but your courage makes you stand out from the crowd.  More power to your elbow girl, you are an inspiration!

LisaAP Arcas designs
Posts: 941

Thank you so much for the wonderful responses.  I just love to create the unusual and it's great to recieve such encouraging feedback.

Merry Christmas to everyone.  bear_flower



eeyore13 Posts: 120

Wow!!  She is so detailed and close to nature as well!!!  So talented!!!

I love sloths  - I may be strange but i think they are cute!

Autumn Bears Tula
Posts: 61

bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub
OMG! bear_shocked I love this little sloth! Lisa, you're my star!  bear_wub

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