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i am still working on the pricing side and also on a couple of other tweaks.

i have to ask (tongue in cheek) that maybe it is the bright sunshine? most of the photos were taken out in the sunshine on really bright and hot day.
My camera is not the best, but that is the best i can afford at this time bear_ermm .

I really appreciate all the feed back and maybe i can be cheeky enough to ask another question, on pricing this time. bear_whistle

i have been doing a bit of homework and one of the avenues of "research" has been Etsy. I looked at what price range bears were going at there and tried to find bears that were on a similar level as mine are. When i converted the prices asked to ZAR, i hyperventilated, thought about booking a holiday overseas and telling the boss that i would see him around, sometime.

Surely a bear made of mini velvet, about 10cm or so, should not be more than 120.00 ZAR? and yet the one bear worked out to be more than 300.00 ZAR! ( it was priced at about 50.00 australian dollars)

Margaret Coombe


can i please ask the boffins here to peek at my almost complete website and give me some feed back. you can find it through search engine by typing nisbears.wozaonline   bear_noexpression



By the silence, i think it is not just you and i scratching our heads over this question. bear_wacko

Must be in some dark bear den, guarded by an awakening and very hungry bear. (or maybe the bear ate it?)


Thank You,

I am still finding my feet with the photography (and a suitable "studio" bear_whistle ), so here are slightly different angled shots.1362500899_img_0246_500x375.jpg1362500935_img_0247.jpg


i find that by just relaxing and going "oh well" seems to work for me.  i must admit that i hate cotterpins with a passion and thread joint when ever possible or use the good old nuts and bolts.
Sometimes the things that look like rubbish can actually be the start of a new adventure. i pack my oops' away until i am having a day when i really need a challenge and then have another go at them then.

Smile & wave when life gives you challenges!

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