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Thank you for all your kind words, its nice to know that its not just me being biased  bear_grin

Dangerbears - it took me while to figure out how to do this, but it taught me a whole new world of needle felting. Each strand of wool was pushed in, so one end is firmly rotted into the base of the bear, and the other end hanging out like fur... Many hours was spent doing this, then he was completely trimmed with scissors.


O’my, they are amazing... How on earth do you make them!!  their tongues look so real, is it polymer?


Hello, i havent put up any of my work before, and its been a long time since i have made a teddy bear.

This is Toby, he brought me SO much joy to make, i just loved every minute of it - although he has taken me months, what with set backs in my job etc!

He is 100% needle felted, and other than his little cotton stitched nose, and his glass eyes, he is ALL wool.  Sadly he is not positionable, so his pose, is his pose.

I now have him on ebay for sale, although he is so cute and i have kind of got used to him sitting watching me work on other things... I shall miss this adorable little guy bear_cry  but you can find his advert here - … 0918114036

Hope you enjoy looking at him xx






Awww WOW, he is just too cute, i wanna hold him  bear_grin

How is he jointed?  String?

Just amazing, im hopeless at sewing, and he is so tiny, you are incredible, and he is just adorable... I love all your work  bear_wub


OH what a darling, he is gorgeous  bear_wub

Can i ask what wool? is it from your country?


Oh, shes so very cute bear_wub  Im also loving her Tatted shoulder shawl, what a lovely addition  bear_thumb


Thanks for your replies, i am currently using both techniques, but feel i may not use a paint brush anymore, but use an ink pen instead, like the prismacolor or something similar. I also airbrush.

Im not sure what self-setting dye pigments are?  have you got any brand names?

Because my mother is an artist, it was easy to borrow her acrylic paints, but not having done much of it, i wasnt sure whether it would fade off over time. Im certainly happy to try other stuff, but while having a read around the site, it would appear that some people like acrylics.  I do however like the colours and effects it can give.

Im always open to other peoples experiences and knowledge though, thanks


Hello, i hope you all dont mind answering or giving advice on this subject, even though i know there are a few posts about it from a few years ago.  I have had a read, but 1) i wondered if anything new may have come out since then and 2) i had a couple questions of my own.

So has anyone used this paint 'DoCrafts Artiste Acrylic Paint’?  is it as good as the explanations say? its meant to be permanent and dry in an hour?

OR do you use ordinary acrylic paint?  which brand?  And do you still heat it with a hairdryer to keep it from coming off?

Also, just another question, is it true to colour on wool and mohair? or can the colour change?

Any help would be much appreciated



You can felt it, its quite soft!  Or you could wet felt it, although it would be better if you can card it (you can use wire dog combs), or combe it with a close pronged combe, like a horse mane combe!

It felts very nice and is so soft... Dont wast it of stuffing, its too expensive for that!!

Have fun, i also get alpaca fleece and i have a lot of fun with it.  ENJOY


Hello, thank for you friendly welcome’s... Currently working on some things so shall upload shortly for a little feedback.  Finding loads of information, its great here, having great fun already  bear_thumb


im a newbie to the forum but have been having a little snoop from time to time bear_happy

I make needle felted bears and animals, currently as a hobby, past time if you like.  I would love it to go further but i am seriously unsure how this would occur?  i guess im fairly ignorant as to the “bear world” i know it to be large, but where i sit on this fence i do not know.

I would indeed love to share my passion for making bears and animals but is this a silly hope?

Anyway, i live in the glorious wet Devon countryside, i work part time and my love is making sculptures and bears from wool.

Im glad to meet you all



Hey bear community,

Im new to this forum, but have been having a look and a read for a wee while.  I have been needlefelting bears and animals for a while now, and i have been asked to make for someone else.

i noticed that a lot of you seem to have websites and adverts etc, do you make a business out of it, or is it just an on the side hobby?  Im currently working part time, so i have the time to sit and enjoy needle felting - although my OH would say im wasting my time, seeing im not selling...!

I wouldnt mind knowing if they are really wanted, or do you just litter your house with them - like i do?

I would love to hear your stories, just to get a feel for what you guys do, it would help give me some direction i guess

Many thanks xxx

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