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BerLynne Ontario -GTA
Posts: 51

So I've been having a bit of a hard time with getting my traditional teddy's turning out half decent looking. (As can be seen quite clearly in my intro thread post  bear_rolleyes )
So... I thought I'd take a step back to what I know. Clay. After reading through some of the library I got the idea from some previous posts that maybe I should use some reverse engineering to get the shapes I'm actually looking for without butchering well known artists bear designs and reducing my expectations of my bears to look like the absolutely perfect finished creations the original artists are capable of while I have none of their skill or techniques.

Not finished yet, but the cotton first try turned out pretty good, but I didn't like my darts curve so I did some refinishing and cut the head pattern down to (up to?) 5 parts to get the proper dimensions... I've probably over complicated it, but I'll worry about simplifying the pattern after I succeed. Being impatient I'd like to see what he's going to look like furred out!

Am I getting a bit closer to the right track? I know it's just an unfinished head but I thought I'd show someone before I went and mangled it some how bear_laugh

The clay head I used as a template

Unfinished soft head

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 20,990

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Looks like you're going in the right direction . . . very cute!

BerLynne Ontario -GTA
Posts: 51

Ha! That's exactly what I did, except I used tinfoil and masking tape, since I was a little short on plastic wrap. I love the horse head tutorial, that looks like it could produce a pretty accurate plush! For my pattern I definitely simplified the shape so I could match the head to a more teddy like body, but the problem now is the fur I used is grey at the base and brown tipped and pretty short, so the double jointed neck I had incorporated.. well, the grey where the pile direction lays at my top cut of the neck wedge is showing easily beneath the brown of the bottom of the head layer  bear_angry  trying not to be frustrated, but grrr!

But thank you so much for sharing! I'm definitely going to be giving those a closer read to see what I can pull out of them!

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