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rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Fabric mini - 1990 - first show with ABC, only because I'm 'local' & SO fortunate to've had first experiences with one of the premier Bear Show Agents.

Needle Felting - 2000.

You all do such excellent work - I can hardly believe it's been less than 10 years for most of you - Outstanding!!!

enchantmentsart Feather Heart Creations
Posts: 419

I started last May so it's been almost a year now.  I also started needle felting around the same time bear_original So I'm one heck of a newbee

PeachtreeCottage Peachtree Cottage
Posts: 527

I started out making miniature thread crochet bears a little over 5 years go.  In the last 2 years I've also branched out into making an occasional sewn bear.


cherylsbears cherylsbears
Posts: 20

I have been making bears since 2000.  Wow does time fly! :photo:

bearlady13 Posts: 177

I have made cloth and crocheted items since my daughter was little.  She is 42 now. I made my first miniature bear 3 inches about 10 yrs ago. I fell in love with them. I can keep a lot more in a small place then the big bears. I live in a very small house. I have worked most of my life and now that I finally retired. I plan to make more bears cause they make me happy. I think all my family still have one or more of the bears I made them. My husband has a lot of medical problem and the mini bears are easy to take with me, to doctor appointments. It makes time pass while waiting and I really enjoy doing it. It keeps my mind and hands busy and the little bears keep me company. Hope  everyone loves thems as much as I do.

wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

I started making bears in April of this year.  We had several deaths in our family and I wanted to make bears for my family members to give them love and comfort.  I couldn't figure out how to get one together until April and now I'm hooked.

Gabriele~GJOYfulBears GJOYful Bears
Posts: 511

Only 3 years  bear_grin  But I would not be selling my bears professionally unless I would love to buy them myself. I also put my best work into every bear. My mum taught me how to create them, even how to sew - and now we make our bears together. Mum's been making them for a bit over 10 years so she's a great teacher. We teach each-other, mum never drew her own pattern before I suggested ways of how - hence we have only just gone professional. Mum also never tried shading etc on the bears but now we both love it! So we teach each other and it is great  bear_grin

SillySu Susie's Bears
Posts: 153

Wow.  This post started ages ago!  I'll add in my info...  I've been making toys since I was small, as gifts for grandparents, and my little sister.  But in the current bear world I started early 90's.  Craft shows, and small bear shows locally at first.  What fun it has been and I still love it.  I can't make as many as I used to but I still enjoy the process and love meeting all my friends at the shows!

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
Posts: 20,564

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

YES . . . this thread started back in 2006!  I looked back at page 1 and noticed I had put 8 - going on 9 - years.  Well, it's now 15 years!  And as I perused all three pages, I saw lots of members that were very active back in those days, that I don't see anymore.  Times do change . . . especially thanks to Facebook and all the other social sites that are available.

enchantmentsart Feather Heart Creations
Posts: 419

LOL you're right SueAnn.  I just notice my post was back from 2008 saying I had been making bears for almost a years.  So now it's 2012 and it's been 5 going on 6 years ^_^ I'm no longer a newbee   :dance:  LOL.  And I think you're right, we're all on Facebook now LOL

thondra rosenheim / bayern
Posts: 311

oh ... just stumbled over this post again ... thought i posted last time it popped up :D

i started making bears summer 2010
with felting i started autum 2011

so i am still a newbie bear_original

tcfolk TC Folk Originals
Tempe, AZ
Posts: 1,553

Nice to bring back older threads and reminisce!   Like many others, I have been making bears for family since the early 70's!  I started seriously with my own patterns in 2006 when I lost my job - best thing that ever happened! :crackup:  Don't think I could ever give it up.  bear_smile

kim "a bear by kim"
Posts: 2,401

i made my 1st bear in jan 2006.... CAN NOT BELIEVE  its been 6 yrs!

Francesca KALEideaSCOPE
Posts: 1,306

I have started making bears in 2004, stopped in 2006 (had two children in a row.... bear_grin ) and started again last's so great to be back! bear_wub

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

I am going to feel left out here if I don't jump in.
I started in December 2011, About 10 weeks ago, anybody beat that??? Lol
I am working on my 5th bear now and loving every minute of it, thanks to all of you wonderful people and your fantastic help.

annalong MadebyAnna
Posts: 425

I started in 2004...went strong for a few years..then did some reborning for a few years..back to only bears about a year and a half ago. My only regret I did not number my bears as I went along  bear_sad

cherylsbears cherylsbears
Posts: 20

I have been making bears for a little over ten years now, I wish I could do it full time, but I too have to go back to work tomorrow bear_wacko

mulberrybendbears Posts: 16

I just started about two, maybe three years ago but my bear-making has been few and far between unfortunately!  :redface: I've made about four bears so far, none of them are a style I'm totally happy with yet. I just keep tweaking and fussing and tweaking and it feels like I never get anywhere haha! I'm currently in the midst of trying something not so beary and seeing how that goes!  :pray:  bear_laugh

Tiggbears Tigg Bears
Dorset, England
Posts: 16

I too would love to bear-make full time!  But for me it's just a hobby and I've been bear-making for about 2 years now and still feel very new to it.  Never attempted to sew anything before I started making bears (all clothes alterations and repairs still end up at my Nan's house!).


pittapatta Cape Town
Posts: 13

One Month   :crackup:
Told you I'm a novice!   I wasn't kidding!

DreamsInAmigurumi Dreams In Amigurumi
Posts: 15

I have been making crocheted bears and other animals since 2009.

Plum Cottage Bears Plum Cottage Bears
Long Beach, CA
Posts: 2,151

Plum Cottage Bears Cute Animal Ambassador

I have been making bears for over 18 years.  Although I am not much of a photographer, I am planning to open an Etsy shop with my bears soon.

Carlyle Bear Co. Carlyle Bear Co.
Ft Myers FL
Posts: 492

bear_wub I have never read this thread before and I really enjoyed it!  As talented as everyone on here is I can't believe some of you have only been making bears a year or two!!  I made my first bear in December 2007 because I had moved from South Florida to Tennessee and I wanted to send something to my brother that was still in Florida.  A teddy bear seemed like the perfect thing.  It was a Butterick pattern I think?  One bear was all it took.   bear_laugh I have slowed down at times due to a demanding job and family issues but I always find my way back to making bears.

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