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Sherroy Sarchie
Posts: 192

100_2436_253x450.jpg100_2455_253x450.jpg100_2433_253x450.jpg100_2465_253x450.jpg100_2399_253x450.jpgHello I wanted to show everyone the finished product of the trumpet designed by Jenny loves Benny (JLB) before my brothers dog got a hold of poor Trumpet. :(

He was made of green sparse mohair. he has a green felt hat and scarf. Hopefully the new one will look just as good.

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

He really is adorable,  look at that sweet face.  Stupid brother, he needs to pay for that fur.

Federbaerchen Federbaerchen
Munich - Germany
Posts: 486

Oh, Trompet looks so cute with his little hat!
Is he ok after the dog had "hold" him? I wish the best for Trompet!

rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

Aww, poor Trumpet, RIP

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479

Trumpet certainly was a cutie!  So sad!   bear_cry

Just look at it this way...  You might have to do it all over again but, this time, you'll have your chance to make it perfect!  :thumbsup:

I went golfing with my dad, many years ago, when I was a kid.  I teed up, took a swing and whiffed it!  I was all upset.  Dad looks at me and says, "Okay... so much for practice!"

So, I guess that's what I have to say about losing Trumpet...  So much for practice!  bear_grin  bear_grin  bear_grin

If you can find a little plastic kazoo in the shape of a trumpet, that would be a fun toy for him to have.
An elephant who plays the trumpet!  :cool:

And you can name him "Trumpetoo."  (Say it fast.)  bear_laugh  bear_laugh  bear_laugh

Rina & furfriends Colorado City, AZ
Posts: 69

Very cute!  bear_wub    Very sad that your brother's dog ate him.  bear_ermm

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