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wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

Corduroy-400x300.jpgWhen I was a baby I had a very beloved teddy bear.  When you pressed his paw, he would record about ten seconds of whatever you said and then repeat it back.  I was afraid of him at first, but then I fell in love with him and he was my baby.  In kindergarten I heard the story of Corduroy and thought that was a cool name, so I named my bear Corduroy.  I thought the sun rose and set in that bear.  In first grade he was lost.  I don't know if he got lost in a move or if my houseparent was being a jerk and took him, but all I know is my precious Corduroy was never seen again. 

I looked for almost 20 years for that bear, but I always hit dead air until in January of this year a friend of mine from church saw this guy at an estate sale and got him for me.  He's not exactly the same bear that I had.  My bear's mouth didn't move and this guy's does.  He also has a big ol' hard oval thing in his head that I don't remember from my original Corduroy, but when I held him it was like he had the spirit of my departed bear.  I know that probably sounds weird, but I just felt like I had him back. 

He didn't work at first and I had several people look at him, but they were afraid to take him apart.  Finally I took him to Radio Shack.  At first they panicked, but when I finally found a guy that would do surgery, he found out that all it was was that a wire had come loose and needed to be sottered.  Now he's talking like a pro.  He looks like he's in almost perfect condition, so I don't think he was played with very much, which makes me sad.  Here's his picture, hopefully.

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

This guy is the favorite of the pictures.  He is in beautiful condition and has a very happy expression on his face.  His mouth is open like the little Zotty I am sending for our swap so maybe these two can talk together when everyone else is sleeping.


dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

So this is the talking guy we've heard about! He's adorable. What luck that someone found him for you!


wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

Oh yes.  I love this guy and I bet he and the Zotty will have a lot to talk about.  I'm sure all my bears will be gathered around the Zotty to hear stories.  I just hope Corduroy will only tell him good things about me, like how much I love my bears.

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