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Stuffed Lincolnshire
Posts: 45

Hello there,

I came across this little guy at work (he was a donation to the charity shop I volunteer in) and have been wondering since then if it's possible for anyone to identify his maker, since I don't think he's home made (seems to be machine-sewed at least).


The waistcoat is black fur and is part of the body, not sewn separately. I can't find tags on him but there is an area of slight baldness in his right ear (possibly from another charity shop pricing gun) and a thread on his back. His nose is fabric and sewn on, the tongue is also fabric. His eyes are plastic and his paw pads are slightly rough. He has a heavy, dense stuffing in him.

I didn't buy him with suspicions of a particular maker, I just bought him because I think he's lovely  bear_wub

Thank you all,


Phil@TC Coventry
Posts: 49

OK, I admit he's cute, but I still think you should tell him not to stick his tongue out when he's being photographed. bear_grin

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