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Intercal has a ⭐️NEW LOOK!⭐️ We've redesigned our website, making it even easier and more fun to shop. It's mobile friendly, too! Check out the new upgrades here:


Hi All: Thank you for all the wonderful birthday cards and greetings received from Teddy Talkers from all over the world. You have all made our day!! Our scanner is presently not working. As soon as we get it fixed we will post some scans of the terrific Artist Cards we received.



Hi All: I have decided to offer a quick tour of our Web Catalog.

The Web Catalog is split into four categories:

- Price Sheets
- Stock Sheets
- Glass Eyes
- Other supplies

The Index Page for the Web Catalog looks like:

The Price Sheets and Stock Sheets serve the same purpose. They are simply two different ways of searching for the same "stuff".

Personally, I prefer using the STOCK SHEETS. Sooooo......simply scroll past the Price Sheets on the Index Page until you get to STOCK SHEETS. Now it is time to start looking for a description of a quality and/or finish, which sounds interesting to you.

As an example, I'm picking the "Curly S-Finish by Helmbold". Click on:

You're now looking at a page listing ALL our qualities in the Curly well as the colors a given quality is offered in.

SELECTING A QUALITY: At the top of the page....above the written will see a scan of a teddy made up in that quality. Click on the scan and you'll be taken to a listing of scans using that QUALITY.

SELECTING A COLOR: On the left side of the page, you will see a bunch of blue links with a written color number and a brief color description. Click on one of the blue links, and you will be taken to a listing of that particular COLOR.

Basically, the system is working as a major "cross-reference" between qualities and colors.

PRICING: As long as you order a single, full yard cut you'll automatically be given our best price. In the old days this price used to be called our "20 yard price". You can adjust your cuts in the shopping cart, but the price will be slightly higher.

BEST PRICING ON LESS THAN FULL YARD PIECES: We can recommend two pages...namely:

Intercal Features - Click on:

List of End Pieces - Click on:

To use our system properly, PLEASE always keep in mind that when you click on a QUALITY link you're taken to a given QUALITY. When clicking on a COLOR link, you're taken to a given COLOR.

I hope this is not boring you all to death.


Hi Penny: If you're looking for fabric or other teddy bear supplies, I suggest you use our Web Catalog. It lists everything we offer. Click on:

Many customers also like Intercal Features. Click on:

Intercal Features lists a lot.....but not all our fabrics.....with links to a long list of colors followed by quality choices.

The Photo Gallery:

is more of a visual guide.

One thing to keep in mind when navigating our site. When you click on a "Quality" link you're taken to a given quality. When clicking on a "Color" link you're taken to a "Color" reference.


Hi Jared: I see you are logged on. Can you give us an update on weather conditions?? Mindy Kinsey has not logged on as yet. I'm assuming that power might be out in parts of NY???


Hello All Teddy Talkers: Mindy Kinsey is reporting "live" from Toy Fair. Look in Topic Highlights for details. Have fun.


Hello everyone!!!! To answer your question yes, we do check in from time to time to see how everyone is doing and to be part of the fun!! bear_laugh

Thank you so much for all of your comments about the new samples. We will keep monitoring to see where the most interest is and go from there. We do not have the fabrics in stock right now but keep your eyes open for a pre-order option on our web site in a few weeks!! We are here for all of you and want to make sure we are getting what you like!!! bear_laugh:D

Have fun!! bear_laugh:D


Happy Fourth of July to all of you. If you want to "play" click on:

Then click on the nightsky. Fun for young and old.....:):)


Hi Wanda: I don't know how to tell you this, but.....Intercal Features has actually been around for a long time. bear_original

Except for the Web Catalog, it was the first page we started working on after we decided that the "flat" scans were not good enough as color or quality references.

The page is always expanding as we are able to add scans. I would say that Intercal Features is the page you should use if you're a "serious" shopper!!! As you can see, it's divided into colors and qualities. Use a "color link" as a reference for a color and a "quality link" as a quality reference. bear_original

One can argue that the Web Catalog is better as it is more complete, but I'm with you. I like Intercal Features as a "Quick Guide". bear_original

A newer page is our Photo Gallery, but this page is probably for those who are looking for a nice "visual" presentation.

A lot of artists have contributed to make our "three-dimensional" presentation so successful. Sue Ann has contributed a lot of scans. Shelli is there, Paula Carter is there and many more including yourself. Thanks to all of you. bear_original


Boy, we just had another earthquake here in Southern California. I believe it was a 5.3 quake (Thursday about 2:00 PM). This is getting to be a little old! bear_tongue:P:P

Marie_ wrote:

I hope everyone is ok....


Yes, it was just a "small" one at 5.6. I don't like them when they get to be 7+.....:(

Marie, you get many earthquakes in Japan as well, don't you? Hugs.


Hi Everybody: Did anybody feel the earthquake we had here in Southern California this morning....Sunday, June 12.

It was just a "small" one....5.6....but....!!!!!!


This is a feature we really like. If a statement in a given post really "strikes your fancy", and you want to reply, simply highlight the statement and hit control C thus saving it.

Then click on the "Post reply" button. It will take you to the "Message Box". Just above the "Message Box" you'll see a button named "Quote". Click on it, and you'll see two "boxes with the words "quote" and "/quote" opening up. Insert your cursor between the two "boxes" and click on contol V. Your "quote" should now appear....something like

test, test, test

Follow up with your own reply to the "quote".

Have fun! bear_grin:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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