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Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn
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Disaster stuck today urgghhh!!

Its first time I made a white bear!!
I used gel pen.. red or blue to outline the pattern onto the fabric. Thats what I do.. and I sew on that outline..
when I turn them over to start stuffing.. blue line can be seen urrrrrrggghhhhh!!!! (dont happen with other colour.. only this one because its white)

I dont know how you do.. but what do you do about white bears?? I prefer to sew on the line as its easier for me and my eyes!!!
what can I use instead help!!!

PeachtreeCottage wrote:

hehe, depends on what you are doing.  I crochet most of my mini bears with alot of different types of thread, but I don't think that's what you meant by this question.  For thread jointing I use upholstery thread.  For crocheting the bear itself I usually use punch needle thread, perle thread, tatting thread, lace weight yarns, etc.  For attaching eyes again I use upholstery thread.  For facial expressions I use embroidery threads.

Hope this is what you were looking for.   bear_original


which upholstery threads you use??

I use embroisdery thread (DMC) for noses...


What brand of thread do you use??

just curious!  bear_grin

I use Gutermann

Conni wrote:

I think felt or micro plush it nice.
Moss loses the colour with the time.

Felt?? I have green one.. but they're "flat"


I am in progress of making bear fairies..
I am thinking about jamjar (to stop bear flying away! bear_grin )
I have google.. most doll fairies use moss as a base.. I worry about the moss.. wont they ruin th fabric of the bears??

what should I use as base?


I got here a dark brown miniature bear... done the eyes...
no nose yet..

I was thinking.. black will be too dark..

have anyone made a bear with pink nose? on brown bear....

I will need a smile.. will black be too dark.. what do you use instead???


Last time I used eBay to sell some stuff from the house.. they charge me load!! They quoted me this.. I paid for them via paypal.. That was fine.... then later on (1 month later) they invoice me for more money.. thats why I stay away from eBay for selling..
In fact I looked through eBay for some bears..  I found no handmade artist bears on for sale


Have changed website to Yola.. Look better too  bear_grin

I would like to add Review page.. do anyone know how? with blogger or Yola I dont mind!

SueAnn wrote:

Etsy and Bear Pile are two places, plus there is a bear shop set up on FaceBook, also.

cant find the facebook bear shop...


mmmmm.. I might do that....

how with paypal?? the tabs next to the bears...


I am not happy with my website...

I am looking to change and merge my blog in and the shop too.

any suggestions? which website builder are you with? I am using Microsoft office live.. they wont let me merge my blog unless its wordpress!!


Where do you sell your bears?

At the moment I doing Craft fairs..
I put 3 bears in Folksy shop.. but nothing happening for 2 months  bear_sad

I wonder where else to sell online??? dont want do ebay...


Bear-power.jpgI dont think I have introduce myself properly!!

I have just got make making teddies after a few years break because of teacher training at Uni.

I have started go to craft fairs and promting my bears.. I got to look into website where I can sell my bears.. I not keen with eBay.. scare me!! bear_ermm

I have my own facebook..


I would like to make a bear with body and back of head looking like sheep and grey cashmere for legs and arms..

I cant see online any fabric that would make it feel like sheep.. (a bit like Hedgehog fabric.. )

Any suggestion or a pointer to the right website??


I got  a pawprint pincushion that was given by my mate..
I would like to make another.. before i design my own.. is there any pattern??


I cannot find dark green mohair..
can someone help??
need matching but.. beige colour too..
That be finish collection to make this Tortoise bear...


I dont understand this (my English not that brilliant!!)

Quote from Sassy's website: "International Orders: Please remember that it may take 2 weeks or more for your package to arrive. The buyer is responsible for any duty, fees and/or taxes on International orders. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT IN YOUR COUNTRY TO FIND THE "DUTY FREE" LIMITS AND ANY FEES YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY. You can divide your order into 2 or more orders to keep the total value of each package below your "Duty Free" limit. Please make a separate order for each one."

I have looked at Custom website.. way over my head as It only mention alcohol and fags... nothing about fabric.. I must have overlook something.

Can someone explain how this work?? I am hoping to order lots of fabric.. but thinking about how much order to pay before I make separate order..

I am in England UK



I send an email.. (contact page) it bounce back! I dont think the website is up to date?


Thats brilliant.. I didnt think of that!!!!  bear_grin


I am looking for patterns I could make for my 4" bears.. (miniature bears size) hats is what I like to make..

any idea?? I have the needles and pearl cotton, and 1 ply wool ready.. but no pattern!!


I am looking for a pattern to make a miniature tortoise for my friend who is mad about tortoises.

I have looked google.. I cant find it!! :doh:

Acipenser wrote:

Thank you so much Dilu!   :hug:
The chenille stems are 6 mm (?1/4 in.) wide and I bought them at a local craft shop. Elke sells them on ebay. That's the lady that sells the booklet on pipe cleaner bears, which we discussed earlier.

Could you tell me name of the booklet.. I would like to have ago on make bears  off pipe cleaner



I been looking for BLACK tee shirt for my 10" teddy.. I cannot find it anywhere in UK bear_rolleyes


Right.. Room booked!!!

St Peters Church hall

20th December 10am - 4pm

by the way.. stall fee have been set.. so if you want a stall.. email me It now dont have to be bears relate because of christmas...

info on my website


Found a venue..
Just waiting for confirmation...

its St peters churchyard in Derby city centre.. perfect venue.. right in the middle of town centre with plenty of pass by..

I will have 20 stalls available to rent out.. if interested PM me and I let you know how much.. it be reasonable price..

I am thinking whether to charge the entrance fee or not.. any expereince tip??


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