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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb


Here is Rosy

Approx 6inches made from pink Alapca and Viscose.


Hope you like




I'm having my website built at the moment (my partner is a web developer), he recommends using wordpress, it's clean and easy to use. he is using wordpress to host my blog. bear_original



my latest bear, Delila

She is 4 Inches tall, made from alpaca with needle felted nose and eyelids, hand rooted alpaca on the muzzle & sculpted paws.


I hope you all like her.




Done. Hope everyone goes well, they are all amazing.  bear_original


Please meet Phoebe. Designed and made by me.
Phoebe is approx 10" and made with a pale pink mohair. She has pulled toes and is shaded for more detail.

I hope you like her, she is my first bear under my own creations.
If anyone would like to know more details PM me. bear_original


please also let me know what you think.

The pictures are not the best. I will be working on a light box very soon to get some great pictures of future bears.




I would say it has been more quiet recently, but there are many factors as to the reasons; Yes the social sites do play a main part, and blogs, but I think the market is also playing a key role in things as well, some people just cannot afford to make bears atm. I hope things get better soon.

I think Teddy-Talk is more specialised then the social sites, this is where people still come to get advice and to show off their new creations. I know I prefer to come here for advice etc. The social sites are more about moment to moment goings on. The problem with Social sites is it can get drowned out with others feeds.
If people posted constantly on here about their day to day goings I think we would be flooded, it would be less about advice and more like a social site... People would just skip this place because they would find it too cluttered. I know I would.

I like hearing about new creations and good advice etc, and I love to hear about exiting news in peoples lives but I don't like to hear: Sherroy: I'm to tired to work right now, might go to bed  or  Sherroy: My cat knocked all my pins on the ground, I better pick them up. - not that there is anything wrong with stuff like this but thats where Facebook and Google plus come in. - I wouldn't go there to get advice on inserting eyes or dying techniques. Facebook etc do not document comments, so it would be almost impossible to find advice given 2 years ago...
A thread in teddy talk has been documented and labelled for easy access. I know I have used it a lot.


Thank you everyone for commenting.


016_389x518.jpgThis is my very first design that I am completely happy with. He was originally my swap bear but because he was the first we decided I should keep him, So I made another for Di, A pink and white one.  :)

He is approx 8inches an made from black and white short Alpaca. I used black sassy for the ears and behind the eyes.


I posted my bear to my partner, last Thursday, hopefully she arrives any day now. I received my little Ellie in the mail Yesterday from Di Nimmervoll.

The bear I made Di was 100% designed by me and I'm very proud of this design, it is also my first design. I hope Di likes her.
I have given Di the Honour of naming her.

I really hope she likes her!  bear_wub  bear_wub

I know I love my little Ellie.  bear_wub


Unfortunately my computer is not working. I am having a new one built which should arrive any day now, so I could not play around with Photoshop. So these are just basic pics only taken on my phone. (My camera is also not working)


Slowly it building. Continue posting if anyone else joins and then we can track each other down. :o)


I believe it is now open to the public. It has been out 1month almost and is just about to hit 18million people joined. - Thats how popular it is.

I have been on it daily and have a circle for another forum I'm in (not to do with teddy bears) and I have 1300 people constantly posting updates and information. This is how I know if all collectors and artist join it would be great. :o) people can choose to share their circles so others can add those people and then all people would need to do is go through and add all those people in the circles. It does not work like facebook, people do not need to accept invitations to add to friend. The way it works is people can choose to see other peoples updates in their news feed.

its and ongoing new feed, gifs, pictures and videos can be posted aswell as updates on anything and everything.

If people have trouble with working it out just me know and I will be happy to walk people through.

To find artist and collectors please everyone list their names or emails, I can then ad you all to one cirlce and the share with others so they can all add those people in the circle as well. :o) - thats part can take time if there is 100's lol.

Btw I have sent invitations out to people that have requested. otherwise if you have already joined pm me and I will add you to my Bear circle. :o)


Thank you for your input Ravenia bear_original


Well if anyone is interested in joining the new Google plus it seems to be online now.

Test it for yourselves, I have found it to be very interesting and believe this would further the bear community in keeping artist and collectors up-to-date. You can post updates, videos, messages and you can also do video chats with other people, multiple people even.


If anyone is interested in joining pm me your name and email and I will invite you when I can. bear_original


I would also read your story, I am quite fond of some children's books.

However I do agree that with the ages that you have described best for, illustration is important. What draws children to books is the pictures, even if the story is the best a child will not pick it up if the pictures don't call to them... A young adult or adult is a different story.
I am an avid reader of all books but if the cover doesn't grab my eye to start with I usually won't pick it up. (Unless I am a fan of the writer)

If it were a possibility I would definitely try for illustrations but I can understand if its not possible, a child on the other hand is a different matter.


I see it as another form of free advertising bear_original and you don't have to sort through your wall to find the topics. All you would need to do is sort your people into the groups you want. (one just for artist and collectors would be great) and then post updates so only they will be able to read particular feed. You will be able to be social and business-like bear_original

If you had a big group of other artists and collectors world wide you would always have things to socialise about and maybe even bond more. You may even get feedback from collectors on what they like and dislike etc. They can respond or share your updates.


Some of you might be aware Google have created a new social website, Google+. At the moment it is in its beta stage and so invites are a must and very few.  But soon it will be open to the public. It is predicted to rival Facebook and Myspace, however it is a lot different so those loyal to other websites do not think of it as a take over.

You can add friends to groups (circles) and update particular groups on what is happening, or find out what they are doing.
By selecting particular circles to network to you will be able to be updated on certain topics. Say if you had a circle just for teddy bear people; collectors and artist! you could update everyone on what is new just to that group, without spamming family and friends news feed. you could then post updates so only your friends and family know about and no one from any other circle will be able to view (unless in both circles - your choice). I think this would be a great site for the Teddy-bear community. Imagine updating all your collectors on new ideas and bears available and they would all be able to see your groups. You can share your groups so other people can invite the people on your lists. (you can also choose the circles's you share). This would be great!

What do people think?

I am in the beta and so far so good, I can try and send out invites if anyone is interested? or let people know when it is available to the public?


My partner used I subscribe website listed by Godelocs bears. I Got a two year subscription last year for my birthday. I have quite all the issues over the last 12 months if anyone wants any. bear_original


It kinda looks like a mouse, rabbit and possum rolled in to one animal. Are they rabbit sized or smaller, pictures are hard to tell sizing. bear_original


AWWW I want one. I have never seen one before, didn't even know they existed lol  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub


I like what you have done; it is simple, easy to navigate and visually interesting. bear_original


I noticed the link is no longer accessible and I fouind another site that has made their own successful light box. … light-tent


bear_original  That person is very lucky bear_original  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub


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