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I would like to do a swap. Making a bear might give me the discipline I need to start making again!


I very nearly got there but then it said image was too big. HELP!! It came up with gobblydegook I didn't understand about URL and htpp.? If it relevant at all my phone is an iPhone 4S


Hi Jen

Unfortunately I don't have a PC!! Gonna try the other suggestion, will have to write it all down first though!


Thanks Randy, will try your directions tonight when I have time to mess about with phone.

Feel really proud that Willy thinks I'm "cool"! Jamie is very treat motivated, although sometimes I make him work for no treat so he doesn't get it every time. But then with a cross between an English Toy Spaniel and a Pug what can you expect. Lol


I am communicating via my iPhone and I have pics of my dogs on it. Is it possible to post pics from my phone to teddytalk and if so how.

Went treat shopping for the dogs today, great fun!

Little Willy is now sitting on command, with no treat reward except praise, how smart is he?

Karon xxx


Hi Jen

Sally looks like a Bedlington cross Lurcher. She was lovely!

Jamie is half pug half King Charles (not cavalier King Charles). Willy is 3/4 pug and a 1/4 chiquaqa. I am getting too old now to cope with big dogs, I like my portable small dogs!

They have been really good for me in all ways - Jamie is my life. We go out for whole days, stop by in dog friendly pubs. Jamie has been placed in dog shows and soon I want to start agility with him, as I think he would be brilliant at it.


Hi all!

Becky, George wasn't one of the best, he was the best! Lol!! I cried and cried at the funeral service when it was aired. He had such a distinctive voice. We will never have his like again.

I do like Randy Travis though!

I am so lucky to be starting out with my dogs - Jamie is 16 months and Willy is only 11 weeks. My journey with them is just beginning. Willy should have wings and a halo, he is so different from Jamie at that age.

What sort of dog did you have Jen?

I am going to try and be a bit more active on the site. Lets see if we can revive it! Lol

Karon x


Thought I would pop in again - it's been such a long time.

Teddy talk seems to have changed, where is the Teddy Talk. It should be "Cute animal of the Day Talk" where has every one gone?

I have been immersed in my dog Jamie and his new companion, a little 3/4 pug - now that is CUTE!!! Lol

I haven't made any bears for a long time but I have no doubt I will be fired again soon, after all I do have a massive chest of mohair waiting to be reborn'

Was so sad to hear that country artist "The Possum" George Jones passed away last month, any Possum fans out there?

I am still doing my needle felted pictures so not being totally I creative and am doing a summer school for mixed media landscapes.

I hope to hear from my teddy friends.

Love Karon xxx


Hi all,

The last time I "dropped in" was in April ... seems there are some new faces, and some other who seem to have dropped off the radar :whistle:

Well ... whats happened ... My dear friend Joan passed away in April, so that has has put a damper on the year somewhat, but the good news is that I have met up with my daughter Emma and met my little grand-daughter Hanna (who is very sweet but cried everytime I held her).

Emma is over in Cambodia at the moment but has plans to come back soon.  It was lovely to see her again, and relatively easy - we chatted for SIX hours!!!

I have a new man in my life.  He is very handsome and loyal, a bit on the "stunted" size but has lovely shapely body and like all "toy boys" boundless energy - I mean of course my Pug X King Charles, Jamie Stocker.  I must admit this young man has completely taken over my life.  He is SO intelligent, can do lots of tricks and next year I want to do agility with him.  I no longer want to go on weekenders even when I do get the opportunity - THE POWER of LOVE!

I have been working on my needle felting - which has taken over from bear making.  Google Gilda Baron. And did a summer school at Missenden Abbey during the 1st week in August.

I have also just had a fall and broken my Fibula - but you now what - I don't care.  Its a LOVELY break (excuse the pun) from week. 

Love Karon x (and Jamie)


No more odd Katy, than buying five artists bears at that Hugglets that I met you at!


Thats a shame.  I used to LOVE Kathy's bears


Hi All,

Sorry to have been SOOO long posting but my Dog-Child has been taking up ALL my spare time :crackup: .  Gone are hours making my bears, when I am not working James DEMANDS all my spare time.

The yapping to get get me up in the morning has stopped - HOORAY for that! And his toilet training is getting better bear_original - my neighbours must think I'm odd though - this person standing in the pitch black saying "James go wee-wee, James go wee-wee" !!!! :crackup: (wee-wee surfices for both functions by the way).

I am so glad I've got him - he is mega cute, and has a big dog persona - he is afraid of NO other canines.



Jingles 2 is just beautiful - LOVE him!


I found Chloe's remark rather funny.  I love girlie bears in pretty outfits but I don't like them in knickers. :crackup: .  "Fur coat and no knickers" right! :crackup:


Hi all,

My dear little grand-daughter Hanna was born on the 19th and I collected my puppy on the 17th.

As most of you know I lost contact with my daughter for a few years but have made contact again through Facebook.  It has been lovely getting to know her again via: the Internet but pretty sensitive as you can imagine.  Last week I got the nicest thing possible - a card from Emma recording the details of Hanna (weight and everything) addressed "To Mum" - I cried I can tell you - I have waited a year for that!

Jamie ... well ... Jamie has to be the most demanding puppy out.  He yelled, screamed amd yapped for three nights on the trot, screams when I leave him, is a really live wire like a tornado around the house.  He is also very cuddly and affectionate and a "people magnet".  Housetraining is slow but we are getting there (not his fault really, as he lived a flat before, and they just used to have a mop and bucket ready to clean up after him).  At the moment I feel my canine baby is as hard work as a human one.

Had to laugh, a few days ago I wondered if I wasn't very well - keep dropping off to sleep at a moments notice  :crackup: then I remembered - extra walking, ball throwing, tug of war (in my quest to get a good nights sleep).

Went to the doctors for my 6 monthly blood pressure check - lower reading 76 - at my worst a couple of years ago it was 103!!! Jamie must be doing something for me.

Please don't think I'm moaning though - he is adorable  bear_wub  and even when he is naughty with that cute little puggy face its hard to be annoyed for too long! :crackup:



Yes, isn't it great.

The UK government has banned the use of wild animals in circuses from 2015 with more closer supervision till that time.

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:


Perhaps not as exciting as it may sound.

Popped into a charity shop yesterday to discover a dolls house "shop" with a room over the top.  It is just a shell, no "glass" in the window or doors, nor lighting etc just plain wood. With baited breath I asked how much it was (expecting in the region of at least £10.00 - which I would have paid) to be told, "Oh, well ... its at bit dirty isn't it ... £1.50?".

I picked it up on the way home from my shopping expedition, pulling my shopping trolly lugging the "shop" around in a plastic bin bag (felt even more sympathy than usual for those poor little meditteranian donkeys!

I am VERY pleased with my purchase! bear_original


Yes, its that time of year again!!! As we advance into spring, it is a good time to think about a Summer Swap.

I was thinking of a Steam Punk Theme as I remeber a few of you are interested in that (including myself).

As a finish time I was thinking of the end of Summer, so even the slowest of us have plenty of time to get it completed!


Hope to have lots of responces.  PM your interest first.


I bought some fabric and a kit at Berta's stand - can wait to make my little bear.

Berta's fabric kits are very cute - my bear ornament for Pat Hage was made with one of her patterns.

I thought it was a great show and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A good turn out. Roll on September!


I am beginning to wonder if it was just Adam and myself who went to Hugglets last Sunday!

No comments?

No vendors saying how well they did (or didn't).

No collectors crowing over their purchases.

No TT'ers LUSTING over the puchases of others. :crackup:


What did we think of England's major Teddy event!!!!!!!!!


Ahhh ... Jager is cute!

I have been updated with piccies on my hotmail. 

When I get Jamie I will take some and post.  Imagine a tri-colour pug puppy and you would just about have what he looks like!  He already is taking on that "pugnacious" stare - in one photo he literally made me laugh out loud. His current owner (breeder) says he is "very friendly and very playful" (and judging by a photo a VERY messy eater!!!!).

Pat, this little bundle should only weigh 11 lbs when adult ( bear_wub ).



Hi Ali and Pat

My little boy is going to be called Jamie - I good "Stuart" name (as in the Stuart monarchs!).


I have been getting weekly updates and photos of my puppy.

Cute is not the word, he is getting more and more gorgeous  and "puggy".  Ali you KNOW how much this baby is wanted  :crackup: .

Roll on the end of March when he will no longer be just an image on a piece of paper!



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