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Steel shot is great for filling bears, but I'd suggest putting it in a little bag first so it doesn't touch your bear's fur as it goes in and stain it. I sew a small bag of pellets up and drop them into the bears butt, then load the stuffing in. It helps them sit nicely.
I used Aquarium pebbles for some tester bears I made, basically just because it's inexpensive and gives them a nice weight....I also guess it'd be resistant to water damage??


Hello there,

I came across this little guy at work (he was a donation to the charity shop I volunteer in) and have been wondering since then if it's possible for anyone to identify his maker, since I don't think he's home made (seems to be machine-sewed at least).


The waistcoat is black fur and is part of the body, not sewn separately. I can't find tags on him but there is an area of slight baldness in his right ear (possibly from another charity shop pricing gun) and a thread on his back. His nose is fabric and sewn on, the tongue is also fabric. His eyes are plastic and his paw pads are slightly rough. He has a heavy, dense stuffing in him.

I didn't buy him with suspicions of a particular maker, I just bought him because I think he's lovely  bear_wub

Thank you all,



I hope eventually there might be a proper gallery for hugs  bear_original


Were they marked as hers? It seems awfully harsh that she's trying to take your money over something that's actually just a mistake. If they're in no way marked as hers then you can't be expected to pay her, ask for evidence of her copyright.

Free images are generally OK just to use and since they're in the public domain then you ought to be free to use them; are they stock photo-type materials?

Some websites have their own rules/levels of strictness about copyright, but if those images were hosted by Dover publications for people to use and indeed potentially sell, then she has no right to 'sue' you or demand money. This email thing has 'scam' written all over it.

You can contact their rights people via this but it DOES seem to suggest that it's property of Dover publications and not this lady.


This is my little hug.


From left to right:

Zach by Jamie/Flattrackjack, sitting in his lap is Ditto by Bry/Thingumy bears (I will explain why his ruff is gone in a moment). The chap next to him in the clown hat is Moobie also by Jamie and in his lap is Kipper who is also a Thingumy bear.

Next to Moobie is Sandman, by Clare Davis Tedd. In Sandman's lap is little Kara, also by Clare (also I found her a small rabbit to hold, but I am not sure who made that). Otho is the white clown bear (also by Clare) and I am very lucky to have him.

The woolly brown chap is Leo (another Country bear by Clare), in front of him is Pollo by a Japanese artist I don't know the name of. Leo's buddy in the stripey jumper is George, wearing Moobie's rusty bell, he is also a bear by Clare.

Now, about Ditto's ruff....I am sorry to say that I accidentally pulled it off  :redface: you see, Ditto was a great comfort to me in a time that I was quite upset...and I got into the habit of tugging at his ruff...after a little while of this, I accidentally pulled it off...I still have it and will fix it soon, but I feel very bad, so I gave him a little heart necklace to wear.


Wow, that is a lot of bears! Even Winnie the Pooh  bear_wub


Ed, your hug is lovely! Such sweet little bears.

Becky, that cardy looks adorable, and all the bears have lovely little friendly faces.

Thomas Adam, wow, so many bears and such a variety too!


I'd better get some hug photos of my own done.



I am currently kicking myself because I missed one of your lovely bears on eBay  :redface:


I saw some discussion on an older thread about how it would be nice to have a gallery area for people's bear collections, so I was wondering if just making a thread for people to post pictures in would be a good idea? In any case, I have gone ahead and made this thread so that people have a chance to share pictures of their hugs and talk a little about the bears they own.

I'm afraid I can't kick start this topic with my pictures of my own bears as I am lacking a camera right now.  bear_sad

Happy posting, everyone!


Hello there :)

This forum is definitely a nice place to be, friendly people and galleries of lovely bears.

I wish I could make gigantic lions...they sound brilliant.


Such a beautiful little bear, and what a cute little's more 'aww' than 'woo'  bear_wub


Someone should tell him that he's not a Woodpecker.


My grandad has a glass eye, I always dread him taking it out for some reason...maybe because I've never seen him without it.

I was thinking that a pattern that didn't need seam allowance would work out quite well, or you could mark seam allowance off with pins or something...


This is a brilliant idea for a challenge! I wanna join in, too. :)

I normally jab myself with the needle anyway....


Thanks for answering my question :)

I bet a bear that smelled of tea would be lovely to hug   bear_wub


I have a question,

Does the mohair hold onto the smell of what you coloured it with?


On an old topic here, I found a link to an article that said half of all adults still have a childhood bear, and one third still sleep with that bear  bear_original  a bears work is never done.


Good to find more people who are going  bear_grin
I've never been to anything even remotely like a bear event, but I'm sure it'll be fine as long as I don't somehow get lost.


Thank you, Kim :)
I learned a lot from making that little bear, especially things like trimming mohair that I really struggled with. My next project is an elephant.


Sorry to hear about what happened with Pastie, he's beautiful and that lady ought to have been more polite about it even if she wasn't satisfied....and I really don't see how someone could 'hate' a bear...her attitude is completely unreasonable, especially since she didn't think about all the time and effort you put into making him.

She can't ask you to refund before she returns the bear, hopefully she'll understand that...if she doesn't, just let her know that there is no other way it can be done.

I hope you get him back safely and I hope to see you both at the Great Yorkshire Bear show bear_original


She's a lovely bear  bear_wub
And it was so nice of you to repair her.
I see a lot of damaged bears knocking about in various places and always end up wondering if they could be fixed.


Hi Shannon  bear_original

Sounds like you're well organised! Always the best plan.

Bears are a lot of fun, and I say that despite accidentally firing a glass eye across the room yesterday.  bear_grin


He needs a little umbrella for those moments.

At least regardless of what they say you always have Arcto there. People may never understand bear lovers entirely, but people in any hobby deserve the same amount of respect.


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