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Okay, I'm a little late here, but as soon as I read Daphne's first post I went and sniffed my dogs feet. The first dog, a Collie-mix (possible shepherd) had a very faint Frito smell. The other dog's, a Collie, smelled very, very Frito-like. After the initial "OMG, they DO smell like cornchips", I then associated the smell as being salty. By the way, they both looked at me like I was crazy when I grabbed their paws!


If it doesn't translate well, let me know. My fiance is Polish so he could help you if you still need it.


Cheryl- My fiance's great-grandmother was named Jozefina, but I actually forgot about that when I came up with Josephine. Nevertheless, it made his mother very happy that I had used her mom's name.

Heather- Belated congratulations! When are you due? Do you know the gender?

And yes, I'm sure she'll hear the poopie story a few times more than she'd like! And I'll use many more details!


Thank you for the lovely comments. bear_flower

Marion, I bought these dresses at Babies 'R Us.


Hello there, teddy-talkers! I haven't been around since before the baby was born. That's been quite a while, I've really missed it! Anyway, I wanted to post some pics of the baby. She was born March 23rd, weighing in at 6lbs, 9oz. (Thank goodness! I was really afraid she was gonna be a lot bigger!) We named her Claudia Josephine.

Here she is at 11 days old.

Here she is at 3 1/2 weeks. I took this photo at home after a disastrous trip to the photographer. I really wanted a photo like this so I bought new white towels and made the pink bow and took it the portrait studio. Let me just say that the white towels are no longer white! She pooped all over the place before we got a single shot! She even pooped all over the white background fabric they were using. A little embarrassing!

And these two were taken on Mother's Day. She's almost 2 months here. My older daughter, Natalia, adores her little sister.

BearBottoms wrote:

Isn't t so funny how the doctors tell you to push and then when the baby starts coming far sooner then they'd thought, they're like 'AGH! STOP!!" I believe they said something about if the baby comes out too fast the fluids are not adequately removed (squeezed) from their lungs.  I can understand that, but well your body has VERY strong urges that sometimes can't be controlled!!  I can't beleive how quickly many of you and others gave birth and/or went through labor!!!

Unfortunately, I can't join that club! I labored for 24 hours with my daughter and it took a whole hour to push her out. I didn't mind taking a wee little break when her head came out and they asked me to stop pushing so they could remove the fluids.

BearBottoms wrote:

My best friend in high school had a C section and I just remember seeing her waddling in pain around the hospital room looking like The Penguin from Bat Man!

Haha...that's what I look like right now, except I'm still pregnant! My feet are swollen on a regular basis now. They were so swollen the first time they looked like they belonged to Fred Flinstone! Yay, can't wait for that again! bear_laugh


Kimberly, you look wonderful! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now. I only have about 4 weeks left before my little one arrives! I am so freakin huge, it's unbelievable. Well, not really since I gained 55 lbs with the first one!  I had some photos taken with my belly and my little girl. I'll share when I get them back in a couple days.

BearBottoms wrote:

Did anyone else feel kind of weird after they gave birth because suddenly there wasn't anything squirming around in there that you'd gotten so used to? lol

I remember after my first one was born I would still sit around rubbing on my tummy. It would take a few seconds to realize it was just fat now!


I'm sorry, Shari, but I know how you feel.  bear_sad I put off sending in mine and then we lost our power for 8 days and I had no computer access. When it finally came back on it was too late. I could just kick myself for not taking care of it sooner. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll do it again.


Oh, what great pics, Kimberly! I finally made it outside today. We didn't get as much as you, but there's still plenty for my little one to play in. It's 17 degrees here right now, but it sure felt warmer when we were out. It's a beautifully sunny day, so that must be why it didn't feel so cold.


Oh, I bet your kids are lovin' it! It snowed all day yesterday where I'm at. I don't think we got as much as you did, but I haven't actually been outside yet so who knows! My daughter is dying to get out there and make a snowman.


I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, Jenny. I guess that must have been a tough decision, but I'm sure you did the right thing. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better about your decision.


Thank you, Jane!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the wonderful people here at TT.


A Few Things you may not have known about me.....

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1) parts packer for a brake parts company
  2) waitress
  3) graphic designer for newspaper
  4) favorite one yet!

Four Movies I have watched over and over...

1)  Shrek
2)  Shrek 2
3)  When Harry Met Sally
4)  Wizard of Oz

Four Places I have lived......

1) Staunton, IL
2) Des Plaines, IL (Chicago area)
3) Wilsonville, IL
4) Litchfield, IL

Four TV Shows I love to watch.....

1)  Grey's Anatomy
2)  Desperate Housewives
3)  Brothers and Sisters
4)  General Hospital

Four Places I have been on vacation....

1)  Chicago (a few years before I actually lived there!)
2)  Florida (Disney World)
3)  Colorado Springs, CO
4)  Cancun, Mexico

Four of my favorite foods.......

1)  authentic Mexican food
2)  spaghetti & meatballs (well, when I make em!)
3)  pork chops & mashed potatoes
4)  cheesecake

Four Places I would rather be right now.......

1)  Anywhere sunny and warm...a nasty winter storm has just made it our way.
2)  Or at the hospital getting this kid outta my big belly!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do.....

Copy & paste this into a post.  Delete my answers, and replace them with your own answers and submit!
Can't wait to hear about you all!  bear_flower


I'm so happy he made it before Christmas! I was getting a little worried about him. I'm so glad you like him. bear_original


Oh, my goodness, Dilu! That's alot of of UFOs! bear_laugh  I've no where near that many. I think maybe 4 or 5, but may I be excused please, because I moved to a new house in May. Yes, I said May! I guess nobody's coming over to unpack these boxes for me! :doh:


Wonderful ornaments everyone! Marion, I love the little guy you've done! He's fabulous!

The bear I made has not been received yet. Hopefully soon.


Yes, Pookie is a clean-freak! Although as she's getting older, her cleanliness takes a back seat to sleeping!

I wish she would follow me around like that! In her younger years she was real snooty and didn't want to be petted much or loved on. Her attitude has changed within the past couple years and is lot friendlier now. She finally enjoys being affectionate.

I'm actually looking to get another one soon. I've promised my daughter she could have a kitten as a reward for something very important. If she stays on track we'll be getting a kitty in a few weeks.  :dance:
Darn, they are expensive though!


Is there any way to find out if they do need financial help? There may be things that the insurance doesn't cover. My step-grandfather is paralyzed from the waist down. He lives by himself, but he certainly needs help with a lot of things. Could your husband possibly get any information that would be useful in your decision-making? I certainly don't mind if my bear ends up in the company of this sweet little girl instead of being auctioned. bear_original  You know the situation better than we do, so I trust your opinion on what would be the best idea.


I think the Valentine's idea sounds great. On one hand it will be something personal for Taylor to enjoy, and on the other we can also contribute to her fund. And plenty of time for it to be doable with lots of participants. bear_thumb


I've received almost all of my cards. Thank you so much. It has been terrific fun!


Oh, Shelli, how tragic. I am tearful thinking of this poor girl. I will most certainly keep her in my prayers and I would love to help out somehow. I'm just not quite sure about the "how." If you do an auction, I'll do my best to have a bear ready. Maybe a showering of cards. Kids always love to get mail, and especially from far away! I bet she'd be tickled to get mail from England or Australia. Whatever you decide, just let me know and I'll be there to help. :hug:


Yep, I think I'm going to get some cocoa and call it a night. My head is so foggy right now. I need sleep. Daddy's not home so my little girl gets to snuggle in bed with me.  bear_wub

So, don't drink too much ladies and gent, or stay up too late! Merry Christmas! :hug:


Mmm, cocoa sounds good. Wonder if I have any...


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